Having a bagel again today #bagel#blueberries#blueberriecreamchesse (Taken with Instagram)

What my breakfast has been every Tuesday during summer: cinnamon bagel and a different Starbucks drink #bagel #summer #starbucks #cookie #sugar #breakfast #jelly #cream #vanillabeanwithmochasyrup #summerbreakfast (Taken with Instagram)

好丘裡頭好吃的Bagel。 (by SilverYang)

Peanut Butter on Bagels@ My Apartment on 8/4/2012, 11:07AM 

Vegetarian Week, Day 4: Soybean Salad


By Day 4, I think I’m getting my vegetarian sea legs.  It was a very normal day.  I felt fine (but not completely unflappable), and I got a lot done in regards to fixing up our new place.  Meals were easy, I think I spent 25 minutes for the entire day preparing food.  Yay.  It gave me time to be out of the kitchen and in the thick of the construction.

I ate:

  • breakfast:  3/4ths of a bagel with butter and strawberry blackberry jam

  • lunch:  leftover lasagna, reheated in the oven
  • dinner:  soybean salad with marble rye toast
  • dessert:  whole wheat toast with strawberry blackberry jam

This was indeed a day for carbs and preserves.

First of all, are you digging on my 70’s counter top?  I am, but only because it’s temporary.  If my days with it weren’t numbered, the faux marbling and the gold specks would start to drive me crazy.

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bagel & cream cheese (by caroline la rousse)